Welcome to coBionic.

Our Story

While she might be the Owner of coBionic and a respected Cancer Scientist, Rupali Shinde is a mother and caregiver before anything else. With two sweet children at home and a deep passion for protecting and caring for others, Rupali has always found herself dreaming of ways to help alleviate suffering and build better, stronger, longer, and healthier lives for all of humankind.

Fueled by her never-ending quest to seek solutions to some of the world’s most complex health problems, the story of coBionic began while Rupali was feverishly researching thyroid cancer and potential environmental links. During her research, she discovered that nutrition is the key to eliminating the free radicals and toxins that could be threatening to our health. As her research deepened, she began to hypothesize that by eating foods that are nutritious, natural, and unprocessed, humans have an increased chance of living healthier lives driven by increased energy and a reduced risk of catastrophic or common-place disease.

Unfortunately, she also discovered in her research that most foods that supported the lasting health and wellness she sought weren’t always easily accessible nor tasty.

Inspired and committed to creating healthy and delicious food products, Rupali partnered with leading pharmacists, doctors, scientists, nutritionists, and other health professionals who shared her passion for healthy living and possessed the experience and high-level understanding of nutrition science to back it up. Together, the coBionic team set forth to help individuals improve their overall health, build energy, and strengthen their immunity by creating natural, organic foods, and dietary supplements that are sugar-free, wholesome, natural, and above all else, delicious.

While it is true that we are scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and healthcare workers – we are also mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, and loved ones. We are members of this incredible world, and together, we want to create the products that help each of us live a happier, stronger, and longer life filled with joy, laughter, and above all else, health.

Our Mission

  • CoBionic

    Mission Statement:

    To create delicious, nutritious, and all-natural food products and supplements that encourage healthy living, boosted immune systems, increased energy, maximized longevity, and overarching wellness by filling in the dietary gaps left behind by modern eating habits.

  • CoBionic

    We Believe:

    • We believe that everyone deserves access to proper nutrition.

    • We believe that modern societal food standards are preventing us from living healthy lives and are preventing us from achieving our true potential.

    • We believe that nutrition is the key to feeling great, improving overall wellness, and building immunity.

    • We believe that healthy food can and should be delicious.

    • We believe that through careful research and mindful eating, each of us holds the power to improve our lives from the inside, out.