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The easier, faster, stress-free way to block carbs & stay slim. Guaranteed.

Clinically-proven, patented Reducose and 4 all-natural "slimming nutrients". Blocks 32-40% of carbs from being stored as fat, and reduces blood sugar in under 60 minutes.

Includes: SlimSurge carb blocker, 100% money-back guarantee, FREE Helthyr app, FREE custom meal plans & more.



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60 day money-back guarantee

The #1 new solution for a slimmer body taking America by storm

U.S. Patented Blood Sugar Control

Blocks blood sugar spikes and prevents nearly all glucose fluctuations.

Advanced Weight Management

Slim Surge's advanced engineering means less carbs are stored as fat, helping effortlessly maintain a healthy weight.

Indulge in Cravings, Guilt-Free

Enjoy your cravings without guilt, making your journey more enjoyable and sustainable - no matter your age.

Japan's Health & Longevity Secret

Experience true health, vitality and longevity with one of Japan's most powerful healing plant extracts.

Smart carb-blocking nutrients from Japan. Proven all-day results.

First discovered in Japan and now patented in the U.S., SlimSurge's special Mulberry plant extract is proven to block carbs all-day long!

32-40% reduction in blood sugar spikes. Tested and verified.

SlimSurge's key ingredient is shown to reduce blood sugar spikes 32-40%. Just take it before a meal. SlimSurge does the rest. Results may vary. Chart shows a user case study.

Insanely fast. 60 minutes or less.

In just 30-60 minutes, the key ingredient tricks your digestive enzymes into letting carbs 'skip' through the gut undigested. This helps avoid dangerous sugar spikes, even when taken with sugary, starchy foods.

Results you can count on. Quality you can trust.

Countless Americans see life-changing results with SlimSurge's premium formula. Produced under stringent FDA and GMP guidelines in the US.

No restrictive diets. 3 simple steps.

Stop struggling with diets that disrupt your lifestyle and drive you crazy! SlimSurge works without restrictive dieting, and in just 3 simple steps!

Free gifts. Guaranteed weight loss. Or 100% of your money back!

Each SlimSurge user gets a FREE weight loss app (compatible with iOS and Android), FREE motivational messages and a BIG 100% guarantee.

No tricks or catches. Just enter your starting weight in the app, enter your daily water intake, and take SlimSurge while using the app's custom meals & features.

After 60 days of this, if you don't weigh less than where you began, let us know and you'll get 100% of your money back!

Plus: FREE Helthyr Weight Loss App

Now you can lose weight easier than ever. Use Helthyr on any iOS or Android device. It tracks water & meals, keeps you motivated with daily messages, provides 2000+ recipes, custom meal plans and more.

Included 100% free with SlimSurge today ($79 value).

Saves money on meal plans, diet apps, and more

2000+ customizable recipes. Instant iOS / Android access.

No stress, no fuss 24/7 health and fitness tracking

Try SlimSurge 100% Risk-Free

Free US Shipping

Free shipping included with every order. Shipments usually take just 3-5 days and leave the warehouse in 24-48 hours!

100% Guarantee

Try SlimSurge with Helthyr app for a full 60-days completely Risk-Free. Receive a 100% refund if it doesn't work for you.

Free US Returns

Not satisfied? Any orders receiving our stellar 100% guarantee receive free return shipping, too. No questions asked.

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