CoBionic Foundation - Comprehensive Prebiotic Blend (OLD)

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In Less Than 1 Minute Per Day... You Can Fortify Your Gut, Fend Off Cravings, and Energize Your Body and Mind...

You already know how important your gut health is. But it's not always easy to do.

Our ancestors often ate 100+ grams of fiber per day. Now, most people get less than 15 grams, making it almost impossible to restore good gut health.

That's why we created CoBionic Foundation. In less than 60 seconds a day, you can add Foundation to any drink and easily get a ton more prebiotic fiber.

Blend it into your smoothie, shake it in with your protein shake, stir it into a glass of coconut milk, or combine it with your greens powder for a powerful boost of gut nutrients.

CoBionic Foundation is a Complete Prebiotic that...

★ Feeds Your Entire Gut Microbiome ★
★ Boosts Probiotics & Fights Inflammation ★
★ Bolsters Digestive and Immune Wellness ★

A Full-Spectrum PreBiotic: This is a fancy way of saying that Foundation feeds ALL of your good gut bacteria. Other fibers and prebiotics feed just a few kinds of gut bacteria, which is a huge problem, because diversity of your microbiome is critical for good health.