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Indulgence Collagen Capsule
Indulgence Collagen Capsule
Indulgence Collagen Capsule
Indulgence Collagen Capsule

Indulgence Collagen Capsule

Rejuvenate your skin, smooth wrinkles, and fade dark spots with the protein our skin relies on…

Our premium collagen in a convenient capsule form...


    Supports aging arthritic bones and joints

    Tightens the skin and smoothes out the fine lines and wrinkles

    Fade age spots and acne scars

    Manage gut and digestion issues

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    Wrinkles, Fine Lines, And Dark Spots Are Part of Aging... But They Don’t Have To Be

    It's natural for our skin to lose elasticity and show decades of damage as we age. That’s because our collagen levels naturally decline… and collagen is a vital part of our skin’s structure.

    As we lose this vital protein, skin starts to wrinkle. Fine lines appear. Wear and tear becomes more apparent as our skin’s ability to repair slows.

    Exercise and a good diet can help slow the process…

    A great surgeon and $10,000 can buy you a few more years…

    But ultimately, there’s little we can do ourselves to slow the passage of time.

    Until Recently.

    Experts have found that taking the right
    collagen can produce incredible results:

    • Fine lines and wrinkles smooth out

    • Age spots and acne scars fade to almost nothing

    • Dull, lifeless skin gets its shine back

    • Your skin gets its “bounce” back

    Your Body Is Thirsting For Collagen!

    It’s not just your skin that relies on collagen. As our body’s most abundant protein, your hair, nails, and joints also need it to keep looking (and functioning at) their best.

    With such high “demand” and our natural stores depleting as we age, it’s no wonder our bodies start to show signs of collagen deficiency.

    If you’re seeing your skin lose its elasticity almost before your eyes… if joints are feeling “worn out”... your hair looks lifeless or your nails are brittle… or if you’re taking longer to recover after any exercise…

    Your body may be thirsty for collagen!

    But before you rush to the drug store, there’s another factor that makes things tricky: there are 28 different types of collagen - and some are better for you than others.

    The 5 Collagen Types To Restore
    Elasticity, Brighten Hair, And Relieve Aching Joints

    Fortunately, science has sifted through the different types of collagen to identify the 5 most important ones.

    Each type plays a part in revitalizing your body’s health and adding to its longevity…

    Type I: Helps to form your skin, bones, tendons, and other connective tissues.

    Type II: Found in elastic cartilage, this collagen type cushions your joints.

    Type III: This type of collagen helps to support your muscles, organs, and arteries.

    Type V: Helps the development of collagen fibers inside connective tissues, and is also found in the skin, hair, eyes, and for women, the placenta.

    Type X: This collagen is usually found in normal joint cartilage. To get the full restorative benefits of collagen, you’d ideally take all 5 types… The problem is that few of them are all in the same foods. For example, bone broth is a great source of Type II and Type X. If you want more Type I, you’ll want to eat more fish.

    But what if you didn’t need a dozen different foods to get that collagen?

    You don’t!

    Introducing Indulgence Collagen Complex

    The top 5 collagens in one capsule to help your body recapture youthful health!

    The Science Shows: Collagen Really Works
    (Here’s Just 5 Ways It Does)

    • #1: Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines There’s no argument that collagen is vital for skin elasticity. As your body gets more collagen, it’s able to repair your skin and restore elasticity and firmness. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

    • #2: Supports Joint Health Studies have found collagen supplements support elasticity in your joint’s tendons. Plus, collagen supplements are showing big promise with managing osteoarthritis. [5, 6]

    • #3: Improves Hair Health and Nail Strength Research shows that collagen is incredible for improving hair health and growth. Not only that, taking collagen can also enhance nail strength and growth. [10, 11, 13]

    • #4: Supports Wound and Scar Healing Looking to help your natural healing? Research has found collagen types II and V could help speed up healing time with wounds, as well as reducing scar sensitivity, scar discoloration, and scar size. [7, 8, 9]

    • #5: Enhances Gut and Digestion Collagen isn’t just good for your outside, but your inside too. Studies show collagen can help manage gut and digestive issues, as well as be an effective treatment for leaky gut and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). [10, 12]

    Powder Or Capsule? It’s Up To You!

    If you’re already part of the Cobionic family, you might know about Indulgence Chocolate Collagen Powder. That’s also a great way to feed your body the collagen it needs… but based on feedback, we thought you might need a more convenient way to take it.

    For instance, Collagen Complex’s smaller bottle makes it easier to travel with. And if you forget to put the powder in your morning coffee or are in a rush, you can just pop a few capsules instead.

    We like to keep both handy, but want to give you the choice so you can enjoy the convenience AND great health that Indulgence gives women like you all around the world.

    Need More Reasons To Indulge Your Body?
    Try These…

    • Science-Based Nutrients. There are 28 known types of collagen. We’ve put the best 5 types for your health into a single capsule to make it easy for you to get your daily collagen.

    • Nothing Unnecessary. Your health is too important to take shortcuts with. That’s why Indulgence Collagen Capsules contain no additives or fillers, just the collagen your body needs in a gelatin capsule.

    • The Natural Way to Feel More Youthful. Dark spots, sagging skin, and arthritic joints are part of aging… but they don’t have to be. Collagen works to not only reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but improve joint health too.

    • Made in the USA in an FDA-Inspected Facility. We're sticklers for quality, which is why we produce Indulgence in a 100% FDA and GMP-compliant facility right here in the US.

    • Lab Tested for the Highest Quality. Part of every batch of Indulgence capsules are lab-tested to ensure they contain exactly what it says on the bottle - and nothing else.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    With the right nutrition and the right supplements, there’s no reason we can’t live a healthier, stronger, and longer life… and that’s what each of our products reflects.

    But you should be able to decide for yourself with zero risk. So when you pick up your Indulgence Collagen Complex, you’re backed by our 180-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

    If you don't absolutely love everything about Indulgence, let us know within 180 days and you’ll get every dollar back -- no questions asked.

    That’s our promise to you.

    Indulgence Collagen Capsule

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    Rejuvenate your skin, smooth wrinkles, and fade dark spots with the protein our skin relies on…

    Our premium collagen in a convenient capsule form...

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      $59.99   $29.99   (Save 50%)


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      $59.99   $29.99   (Save 50%)

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      Common Questions

      • If you’re seeing the effects of aging on your skin, feeling an ache in your joints, or thinking your hair's a little lifeless, your body may be short on collagen. Indulgence is a multi-mix of the 5 most beneficial types of collagen to help skin rediscover its elasticity and youth, renew joints, and bring hair and nails back to life.

        Note: Results are not guaranteed. Always consult with your doctor or other medical professionals for any of these conditions before taking supplements.

      • As we get older, our skin starts to show signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven texture, and more. Collagen is one of the most important “building blocks” our skin relies on, and Indulgence Collagen Capsules combine the top 5 types of collagen to keep skin firm and looking young.

      • There’s only one thing in each individual capsule: pure collagen.

        Well, let’s be a little more specific. You’ll find each of the top 5 collagen types (Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type X) most beneficial for your body in each single gelatin capsule.

        These sources include:

        • Bovine collagen peptides

        • Hydrolyzed Chicken collagen peptides

        • Pure hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides

        • Eggshell membrane collagen peptides

        • Avian sternum collagen peptides

      • Whether you’re 25 or 75, everyone’s skin, hair, and joints are built the same way – so Indulgence Collagen Complex has the potential to work for anyone, young or old.

      • We recommend taking 3 Indulgence capsules every day to make sure your body gets the amount of collagen it needs.

      • Each bottle contains 90 Indulgence Collagen capsules, so you have a 30-day supply.

      • It’s easy to look at any collagen supplement and think you’re giving your body what it needs. But there’s more to the story than you might think.

        With 28 collagen types known to scientists, 5 have been found as the most beneficial. Each has a unique role in helping your body’s health. Our Indulgence Collagen Capsules contain these top 5 types to ensure you get ALL the benefits.

        Other supplements often come with only one or two types of collagen, so may not provide your body with all the support it needs to keep skin, hair, joints, and nails in the most healthful, youthful condition possible.

      • Great, we want to hear them! Shoot us an email at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

        Please remember that we’re a small, family-run business, so it may take 24 hours to get back to you (though we always try to reply more quickly).

      3 Reasons You'll Love CoBionic

      • 1. Taste & Flavor. We create organic, sugar-free supplements that taste great! Plus, they’re made to enhance your health, maximize your longevity, and boost your immunity.

      • 2. High-Quality Ingredients. Our skilled pharmacists carefully formulate every supplement for maximum goodness. Once made, every product is rigorously tested in FDA-registered facilities right here in the US.

      • 3. Family-Centric. CoBionic is a family-owned and operated organization, with almost 200 experts working to help women around the world find better health.

      Indulgence Collagen Capsule

      Rejuvenate your skin, smooth wrinkles, and fade dark spots with the protein our skin relies on…

      Our premium collagen in a convenient capsule form...

        $59.99   $29.99   (Save 50%)

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        $59.99   $29.99   (Save 50%)

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