How to Keep Color-Treated Hair Healthy

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Nothing is as disappointing as spending big bucks at the salon to get your hair colored only for it to fade after a few weeks due to poor aftercare.

You need to understand that it’s not only about getting an exquisitely colored hair; it’s also about keeping it healthy. Otherwise, your dyed hair can easily become lifeless and dull.

So whether you have black, red, brunette, platinum blonde, or even blue hair, you need to dedicate a little extra attention if you want your color-treated hair to stay healthy and last long.

We’ve put together some crucial tips to help keep your color-treated hair healthy. But before we discuss that, we need to stress some key points.


Before Color-treating Your Hair


Keeping your dyed hair healthy starts from even before you dye it.  You may not have too much to worry about if you have the healthiest of hair possible before color-treating it. However, if your hair is not healthy and is already damaged, you risk more damage during the dyeing process.

So here’s what you need to do before color-treating your hair – Maintain your hair care routine 2-3 weeks before the dye. You may consider using a nourishing hair mask a week before visiting the salon for the dye job.

Also, you can use a clarifying shampoo to strip your hair of any oils that could hinder the color from penetrating deep into the cuticle. The day before your color treatment at the salon is a good time to use this shampoo.

And note that it is better to visit a salon for your color treatment than doing it yourself at home – This is ideal if you want to reduce the risk of damage.

Now, let’s proceed with aftercare tips you should consider after dying your hair.


How to Keep Your Color-treated Hair Healthy



Here are some good measures to keep your dyed hair healthy:


Wait for about 72 hours after coloring before using a shampoo


When you dye your hair, you need to know that your cuticle layer opens up, and this makes it easy for the color to penetrate your hair shaft. Washing the hair too soon after your appointment may cause the color to be washed down the drain, as the cuticle layer could still be open.

Normally, it can take up to 72 hours for the cuticle layer to fully close. So leaving your color-treated hair to stay for at least 3 days before shampooing allows more time for the color pigment to soak into your hair cuticle. This helps your hair color last longer and stay fresh.


Wash your hair less frequently


There’s no magic to it – the more you wash, the more likely the color will fade. So in your everyday routine, try to skip frequent washing. Instead, try to wash only twice or thrice weekly.

You may skip shampoo sometimes and jump straight to the conditioner. This way, you’ll add softness and shine, without washing the dye away.


Use the right shampoo


It is advisable to use color protective shampoo. Many regular shampoo will wash away your hair color and cause fading. So try choosing shampoos formulated to protect hair color and keep it beautiful and vibrant.

A good option is “sulfate-free” shampoos, as they are proven to wash out less color from the hair.

And on off days when you’re not washing your hair, try using dry shampoos. This will help refresh your hair, making it look like you just had a blowout, even when you did not wash your hair. Some dry shampoos are color tinted and can help revamp your hair.


Maintain a healthy diet


Your diet has a great impact on your hair health and looks. When you eat healthy foods, the nutrients nourish your hair cells and provide the energy needed to fuel hair growth and luster.

Try to eat foods that are rich in protein and iron to help build strong keratin – the protein that provides strength to the hair. These nutrients also help improve texture and stimulate hair growth.

Some good food options to include in your diet include fish, lean meat, low-fat cheeses, spinach, egg whites, and soy. You can also snack on fruits, grains, vegetables, and nuts between meals.

A diet rich in oily fish, like mackerel and salmon will supply your hair with omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps it shiny and strong.


Condition your color-treated hair


After using shampoo, always ensure you use a conditioner on your dyed hair. However, make sure the conditioner is color-safe. What do you get? The conditioners form a protective barrier on the hair strands, thereby, locking in moisture and sealing the cuticles, which adds shine and luster to your hair.



Try supplements


Your color-treated hair needs a constant supply of vitamins to stay healthy. For example, vitamin C supports the function of blood vessels in the scalp. This vitamin also helps to absorb iron from plant protein.

Another important vitamin – biotin – helps improve hair texture and strengthen the strands.

Many other vitamins support hair health, especially when color-treated. But you may not be getting all of these nutrients from your diet. And taking vitamin supplements is a good way to keep your hair, scalp, and overall body healthy.

You may try YouthBoost Hair & Skin Gummies which are loaded with natural vitamins that support stronger and vibrant hair.  



Do not shower with hot water


When you have color-treated hair, it is advisable to always have cool or lukewarm showers instead of using hot water that can damage or fade your dyed hair.

However, you should limit your exposure to damp air as humidity may cause your hair color to fade. You can use a shower cap while you bathe, but avoid long showers and don’t get your hair wet often.

Apart from water, you should avoid heat styling tools such as hair straighteners, curling irons, and blowdryers. Using these tools will disrupt the outer protective covering your color-treated hair and the dye could bleed out easily.

But what if you want to style your hair? Well, in this case, you can use a thermal protectant hair spray or serum. These products can help reduce moisture loss from inside your hair. More so, they protect your hair from humidity after using the heat styling tools.


Avoid salt water and chlorine


The ocean has a high salt concentration, so it is better to avoid it after dyeing your hair. But if you choose to swim in the ocean, ensure you add conditioner to your hair and put in a cap that protects your color from being drawn out.

Likewise, pools are high in chlorine, which is a chemical bleaching agent intended to keep the pool clean. Swimming in pools with your color-treated hair unprotected may cause the chlorine content to strip color from your hair.

If you have blonde hair, it may turn a greenish tint, and if you have a darker shade, it may lose its shine and become dull.

So if you want to swim in a pool, ensure you use a swimmer’s cap, and consider adding conditioner to your hair before packing it with a cap.


Consider regular trimming


Always have it in mind that dead ends will fade faster and won’t hold color. So you can make it a routine of cutting off dead ends every 5-7 weeks to keep your hair dye fresh from the toot to the tip.



Final Remark


You need to pay good attention to your color-treated hair If you really want to see value for the big bucks you spent at your beauty salon. You need to ensure you follow some aftercare tips, like we’ve mentioned above, to keep your hair in good health and keep the color intact to stay fashionable.

If you stick to the tips above, you can be sure your hair color will stay vibrant and stunning for a long time. However, we always advise that you allow a professional to handle your hair dyeing process and not you at home. Don’t get things messed up. Keep doing it right and maintain your shine!

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