The Growing Popularity of Pink Himalayan Salt

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Are you wondering why Pink Himalayan salt is gaining massive popularity? Well, you’re not alone. You might have picked a fancy pink salt cutting board from your local store or add a glowing Himalayan salt lamp close to your bed. But could that be why this pink salt is so popular? No, this pink Himalayan salt is super trendy for other reasons far beyond its aesthetic appeal.

The major reason why this rock salt is so popular lately is that it has been shown to offer many health benefits, whether you consume it, add it to your bath, or apply it to your skin.

The common belief people have is that salt is bad for one's health. Well, too much salt has been seen to contribute to heart disease, which is the number one killer in the U.S. But unfortunately most of the salts we consume come from processed foods and not from pure sea salts loaded with minerals.

Now, here’s the problem - The recommended limit of sodium intake per day is 1,500 mg, according to the American Heart Association, but the average American takes more than 3,000 mg per day.

Look at the sodium content in some common foods:

  •         Dash of table salt – 155 mg
  •         Fast food cheeseburger – 750 mg
  •         Hot dog – 700 mg
  •         Serving of frozen lasagna – 1200 mg

So you see, it is not far-fetched how those 3000 mg might stack up quickly.

But pure sea salt like the Pink Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and helps bodily functions in many important ways.

In this article, we shall be discussing these benefits that makes the pink Himalayan salt so popular, but let’s first learn some interesting facts about this salt.


What is pink Himalayan salt?

Pink Himalayan salt is a pink-hued salt variety that is sourced from the Khewra Salt mine located near the Himalayas in Pakistan.

Interestingly, the Khewra Salt Mine is one of the largest and oldest salt mines in the world. The pink-colored salt harvested from this mine is believed to be a result of evaporation of ancient bodies of water millions of years ago.

The salt is hand-extracted to yield a minimally-processed unrefined product free of additives and more natural than table salt. Some studies indicate that the pink Himalayan salt is one of the purest salts available.

However, just like table salt, the pink Himalayan salt contains more sodium chloride. But it contains many other minerals and trace elements not found in regular table salt.

Based on some studies, the pink Himalayan salt is estimated to contain about 84 different minerals and trace elements. In fact, the minerals, especially iron, contribute to its characteristic pink hue.


How is the Pink Himalayan Salt Used?

People use this pink-hued salt in the same way they use the regular table salt: As part of cooking, to preserve food, and to season meals.

However, blocks of pink salt sometimes become cutting boards, cooking surfaces, and serving dishes. Some people also use this salt in baths.

You can also get to buy candle holders and lamps made of pink salt.


Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

We shall be grouping the benefits into nutritional benefits and therapeutic benefits.



Nutritional benefits

Adding Himalayan salt to diet has been part of the Mediterranean way of eating. Several studies show that it offers several benefits, including:


It helps in detoxification

The pink Himalayan salt, like we said earlier, contains more than 80 minerals and elements, including calcium, iron, and potassium. All of these nutrients support the body’s natural detoxification process, promoting the removal of bacteria.


It lowers blood pressure

Unlike the processed table salt, the pink Himalayan salt contains less sodium. This makes it easier for the body to process it faster without the need for much water to flush out the excess sodium as experienced with consuming table salt.

Himalayan salt is also naturally rich in iodine, which most food companies add artificially to table salt after processing.

The natural iodine content in Himalayan salt makes it very effective at helping your body create an electrolyte balance. This supports better absorption of nutrients by the intestine and lowering of blood pressure.


It aids hydration  

One good treat you can give to your body after a workout session is to drink some Himalayan salt and lemon water.

The body contains approximately 65% water, so if you don’t drink up to the 64 ounces of water recommended daily, your body would feel it. In most cases, you tend to become fatigued.

When you exercise or engage in a physical activity, you tend to give out sweat, losing minerals or electrolytes. Hence, drinking water containing a mineral-rich salt like the Himalayan salt is a good way to replenish minerals, regain your energy and stay hydrated.


It supports good night’s sleep

Most times, our salt intake is the reason why we struggle with sleep and wake up in the middle of the night. Between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., biochemical reactions take place due to high levels of stress hormones released into our system disrupt sleep and interrupt your ability to stay awake.

However, studies have shown that low-sodium diets help decrease blood volume in the sympathetic nervous system, and this in turn, activates adrenaline and the “fight or flight” response.

So nutritionists always advise that you mix some raw honey with a little pink Himalayan salt and add it to a cup of tea or eat it to enjoy a great night’s sleep.


It supports digestion

The high mineral content in pink Himalayan salt helps balance the body’s pH levels. And a balanced PH level supports better immunity and improved ability of the body to process and digest food.


Therapeutic Benefits



Apart from the nutritional benefits, here are some of the therapeutic benefits pink Himalayan salt offers:


It helps your skin retain moisture

Holistic medical practitioners found that pink Himalayan salt helps the skin retain moisture. This makes this pink-hued salt a useful ingredient in spa-like soaks.

You can soak your feet in warm water saturated with the Himalayan salt (you can add 1/8 cup of pink Himalayan salt per gallon of water). This is a good way to relieve painful and tired feet after a stressful long day.

Combining pink Himalayan salt with magnesium flakes supports better absorption of the minerals and this helps to keep your skin hydrated.


It exfoliates your skin

Pink Himalayan salt has an exfoliating nature that leaves your skin silky and soft. More so, using this salt on your skin regularly can boost your production of collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm and smooth.


Soothe a sore throat

Do you remember those periods you were told to gargle salt water to soothe a sore throat? Yeah, salt water actually works to kill bacteria, loosen mucus, and relieve pain.

So whenever you suffer from a sore throat, you can simply mix ½ teaspoon of ground pink Himalayan salt with a cup of warm water and gargle to ease the condition.


Improves respiratory health

Inhaling salt-infused air may help with lung issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Using Himalayan salt lamps to purify indoor air has also been shown to help reduce allergies and improve overall health and wellbeing.

The salt in the lamp attracts water to its surface due to its hygroscopic nature, while the light from the lamp causes the water to evaporate quickly. This is a good way to purify our air and support our respiratory health.


Final Remark

By now, you should understand why the pink Himalayan salt is growing in popularity. This pink-hued salt is a great natural alternative if you’d like to avoid the additives in the processed table salt.

You can enjoy a plethora of nutritional and therapeutic benefits highlighted above by adding the pink Himalayan salt to your diet and routine. However, be sure to use it in moderation and follow product recommendations.

You may also read about the Benefits of Panax Ginseng.


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