The Proven Health Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate

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Magnesium is an essential mineral needed by the body for diverse functions. In fact, health experts describe magnesium as a “Miracle mineral” because it plays a main role in more than 300 unique biochemical reactions in the body. This mineral is involved in everything from protein synthesis and energy production to blood sugar and blood pressure regulation.  


How Do We Get Magnesium?

Our bodies naturally contain magnesium, but several factors such as nutrient-poor foods, stress, alcohol, soil depletion, medication interactions, and more cause depletion of this do it all mineral.  

Although you can load up with magnesium-rich foods such as dark leafy green vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish, wheat and other grains, research has shown that we do not always meet up with the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

For most people, a healthy range of magnesium is between 310 and 420 mg/day, but approximately 50% of Americans do not get enough of this mineral in their diet.

However, the symptoms of low dietary intake do not always show because its excretion is limited by the kidneys.


Boosting Your Magnesium Intake

Our bodies need magnesium in large amounts, and asides from a magnesium-rich diet, a good way to boost intake of this macro-mineral has always been through supplements.

And one supplement that has proven highly effective in boosting magnesium levels is "Magnesium Glycinate".

We will show you why magnesium glycinate is best for those with a deficiency and the proven health benefits of adding this supplement to your diet, but first, let’s quickly talk about different forms of magnesium.


Forms of Magnesium

You can get magnesium in different forms, but some are more efficient than others.



The oral magnesium supplements are available as capsules, liquids, gelcaps, gummies, powders, and more, and they include forms like magnesium glycinate, magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, and magnesium malate.   

You can also receive magnesium sulfate by injection or by IV under the care of a doctor. This form of magnesium (sulfate) is also available in the form of Epsom salts, which is added to baths.

Lastly, magnesium is available in topical forms, and these include magnesium chloride creams and oils. However, there are some doubts and debates around the effectiveness of transdermal magnesium.

That said, of all these magnesium forms highlighted above, magnesium glycinate still stands as the most preferred option by integrative and functional medicine doctors.

Now, we would answer why magnesium glycinate is the best form of magnesium. Simply put, this version of magnesium is easily absorbed by the body and well tolerated.

Magnesium glycinate has been proven by several studies to offer a plethora of health benefits. Without much ado, let’s see why this supplement is a good addition to daily routine.


What are the Proven Health Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate?

Here are some proven benefits:


It Helps You Sleep Better

Magnesium is a good sleep aid. It helps relax your muscles and ease stress, thereby, allowing you to fall asleep faster. A dietary deficiency in magnesium may cause poor sleep and trouble falling asleep.



However, studies show that taking magnesium glycinate supplements helps improve insomnia.

Research has also proven that magnesium helps reduce the stress of the nervous system, promoting a steady state of relaxation and keeping you in bed for longer.

Adding magnesium glycinate to your routine promotes a healthy circadian rhythm, and you can get to enjoy a more natural sleep cycle and wake up feeling more energetic and ready for the day.


It Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

Many of us are guilty of loading up on added sugar, as we often snack on junk and processed foods. This usually leads to a spike in our blood sugar levels.

However, magnesium glycinate has been shown to help maintain a normal blood sugar level.

Research has also suggested that eating magnesium-rich foods is a good way to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is simply because magnesium supports sugar breakdown, decreasing any form of insulin resistance.


It Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Taking magnesium glycinate has been shown to have beneficial effects on blood pressure, especially in people with magnesium deficiency.

One study found that the magnesium supplementation caused significant improvement in both systolic and diastolic pressure.


It May Support Memory Functions

Magnesium glycinate helps reduce daytime sleepiness and boost memory functioning. One study revealed that taking 125-300 mg of magnesium glycinate daily resulted in improved IQ.


It Helps Manage Symptoms of PMS

Magnesium has been shown to be effective in managing PMS symptoms, such as mood swings. This mineral helps regulate mood-moderating brain chemicals and reduce inflammation, which is often associated with depression.

Magnesium also helps with estrogen detoxification, which largely influences the reduction in PMS symptoms.



Studies revealed that taking 250 mg of magnesium glycinate daily helps ease menstrual cramps. This supplement works by increasing blood flow and relaxing uterine muscle spasms. It also regulates the production of the prostaglandins – chemicals that trigger inflammation and pain.

More so, magnesium has diuretic properties that make the body shed excess fluid. This has been linked to reduction in premenstrual bloat, menstrual migraines, and breast pain.


It Supports Bone Health

Although calcium offers huge benefits when it comes to bone health, magnesium is also essential in bone formation. This mineral influences vitamin D and parathyroid hormone concentration, which are critical factors in bone formation.

Taking magnesium glycinate to supply your body with adequate magnesium is a good way to increase your bone mineral density, which helps reduce risk of fracture and osteoporosis


Supports the Absorption of Minerals and Vitamins

Your body needs a good balance of minerals and vitamins for optimum functioning. Magnesium is useful for many enzymatic processes in the body, including being involved in the absorption of zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B1, B6, and D.

The absorption of these nutrients is important for the synthesis of protein of production of certain hormones. And when magnesium is deficient, it usually leads to several problems, including premenstrual problems.


Are There Side Effects of Using Magnesium Glycinate?

Clearly, taking magnesium offers many proven health benefits, especially when you take a high-quality product made in an FDA-inspected facility and third-party tested for quality and safety.



Research so far found that magnesium glycinate has a high bioavailability and is gentle on the stomach, unlike other magnesium forms such as magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide, which causes side effects such as digestive upset, cramping, and diarrhea.

Magnesium glycinate doesn’t cause any digestive upset even when you take it in higher doses. However, it is always advisable to follow your doctor’s recommendation.

Also, note that magnesium overdose may cause some effects if you have kidney problems as the kidneys are the organ responsible for excreting excess amounts of this mineral. This is more reason to always speak with your doctor before taking your supplements.


Final Remark

Magnesium glycinate is a mineral supplement that helps keep a proper magnesium level in your blood. Magnesium is needed for hundreds of biochemical reactions, and it is important in maintaining the normal functioning of cells, muscles, bones, heart, nerves, kidneys, and more.

More so, taking magnesium glycinate helps reduce stress, regulate blood pressure and sugar levels, elevate your mood and promote a sound sleep.

While a proper diet may supply you with a good amount of magnesium, regular intake of magnesium glycinate can help you meet up with the recommended daily range to sustain the appropriate balance your body needs.

You can add this clinically proven magnesium glycinate to your routine to enjoy the benefits highlighted above, including stress reduction and improved sleep quality.



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