What is Detoxification, and What Are the Benefits?

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Do you often feel sluggish, tired, stressed out, and lack energy? There’s a chance that your system is clogged up and needs some cleansing. That’s where detoxification comes in.

Most times, we spend time keeping our bodies, hair, and teeth clean. We love to look decent and smell nice, but unfortunately, we seldom pay attention to our internal cleanliness.

Although the body knows how to detoxify naturally. In fact, it is detoxifying for you as you read this article. However, it is important that you constantly create the conditions for your body to optimize these processes.

So what is detoxification? And what benefits does this process offer for overall health and wellbeing? Continue reading to learn about this important natural body function.


What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a biological process whereby our body neutralizes and gets rid of the toxins, byproducts of cellular metabolism, and unwanted substances. This natural process helps keep our body healthy and increases our overall sense of wellbeing, giving you a more positive outlook on life.

We are constantly exposed to chemicals in the air, our food and water, and personal care products. In fact, the toxin exposure we face today far exceeds what previous generations experienced. Unfortunately, these exposures overwhelm the body’s daily detoxification function daily causing symptoms and disease.

Some common signs of toxic overload in the body include fatigue, constipation, headaches, pains, aches, belly fat, nausea, bloating, gas, skin problems, low energy, mood swings, and bad breath.

Whenever you notice these symptoms, your body simply demands detoxification and cleansing to get back to proper functioning.  


Organs involved in detoxification

Five main organs are involved in detoxification, including;

  •         The liver
  •         The kidneys
  •         The colon
  •         The skin
  •         And the lungs

The liver, however, gets a lot of attention in detoxification. This is simply because this organ has the ability to transform toxins and waste products into water-soluble molecules that are excreted out of the body through urine, sweating, bowel, and breathing.

But to function effectively, the liver requires a good supply of nutrients in the form of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. This is one reason why you should eat nutrient-rich foods.

More so, the body needs 100s of enzymes and other molecules to help iit clear toxins and unwanted substances.  Eating healthy is just a good way to support the body to produce these useful molecules for detoxification.

Adopting a detox diet in your lifestyle is an effective way to detoxify and release your organs from the constant pressure of keeping your body healthy.  

You may also need to change your habits to support detoxification. It may require you to quit smoking and drinking alcohol, avoid eating processed foods, decrease your salt intake, drink more water, exercise more, and get adequate sleep.


What are the benefits of detoxification?

Having discussed the effects of a clogged-up body system, you might have picked some idea of what you stand to gain from proper detoxification. But let’s highlight the most important benefits of full-body detox:


Increased energy levels

As mentioned earlier, when the body fails to process and utilize nutrients from food, you tend to lose energy and suffer fatigue and sluggishness. Toxin accumulation in the body causes a reduction in cellular energy.

Detoxification, including adequate nutrition in your diet, helps to support efficient digestion and increased energy production at the cellular level.

As you detoxify, your vitality and energy are restored and you feel alive and happier.


Supports liver function

Just as we’ve stated earlier, the liver is one of the major detoxification organs, which helps eliminate toxic substances from the body. However, this organ also benefits from a good detox/cleanse as it gets to take a break from overworking itself.

Detoxifying helps restore your liver's health so that this organ can efficiently perform metabolic and detox functions.


Better mental clarity

Your gut health has a strong connection with your brain function. When you have a high amount of toxins in your body, it slows down your brain’s ability to process information quickly, which often leads to brain fog.

Detoxification releases an energy boost, which rewards your brain with improved clarity and focus. Many types of toxins are fat-soluble, and the brain has the largest aggregation of fat in the body. This explains why the brain is easily affected by the accumulation of toxins.  

However, a well-planned full-body detox offers neurological benefits, especially for mental clarity.


Healthy and Smooth skin

The skin is also one of the main organs involved in detoxification. Since it is the body’s largest organ, any toxic accumulation is quickly reflected in your skin’s health. Your skin tends to become dull and pale, and you suffer breakouts and rashes.

But a good cleansing detox helps clear off these toxins and accumulated harmful substances to give you healthy and clear skin.


Stronger immune system

Accumulation of toxins generally affects all bodily functions, including the immune response. And when you have lower immunity, you stand the risk of infections and diseases.

However, poor immune health is a clear sign that you need a full body detox. This cleansing process helps your immune system function better, and your blood cells are able to work to combat foreign bodies and microorganisms.


Reduced inflammation

Your diet plays a huge role in your health and wellbeing. Detoxifying your body with nutrient-packed natural foods is a good way to reduce inflammation. As toxins are flushed out, your body system is reset for optimum functioning.


Weight loss

You can exercise and diet all you want, but if your body is clogged with toxic substances, your weight loss goal may just be a dream that will never come true.

Toxins and harmful chemicals actually slow your metabolism and sometimes bring it to a halt. Detoxification, however, clears out these toxins and encourages your body to push out more fat. This supports a faster weight loss result.


Better sleep quality

If you’re finding it hard to enjoy a quality night’s sleep, it might be your body telling you it needs a detox. We already know that poor sleep can affect your performance at work and trigger diseases that can last for a lifetime.

Detoxification clears toxins and helps you sleep better and feel well-rested. So if you’re suffering from poor sleep quality, you can get a full body detox to clear those toxins and enjoy the sound shut-eye you deserve.


Improved mood and balanced emotions

Since the accumulation of toxins affects the brain, it indirectly has a negative toll on your emotions and mood. Detoxification clears accumulated toxins, allowing you to enjoy a better mood and improved emotional state.


Final Remark

You only have one body in your lifetime. Hence, it is important that you free it from harmful toxins and chemicals that can affect you negatively and trigger many health ailments.

To support your body’s natural detoxification process, ensure you eat whole foods, hydrate with water, engage in regular exercise, avoid alcohol, get a full night’s sleep and add natural detox supplements to your routine. 


Acai Detox lets you enjoy the anti-aging and detoxifying benefits of acai berry and all-natural antioxidants.


However, ensure you speak with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet plan.


Mike Miryala, Head Pharmacist at CoBionic



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