Debunking The “Healthy Food Is More Expensive” MYTH

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Welcome back, everybody. It is time for another bonus video. I'm so happy that you've joined me again this week. I know that you know me by now, but I'm Becky Williams, and this week I want to tell you about a myth that I'm so happy to bust for you because a lot of people think, and I've heard it so many times, especially with being a coach, food's expensive. It's too hard to eat healthy food. It's too expensive.

So I'm here to bust that today and help you to know healthy food is not more expensive, and in fact, it may actually be cheaper than what you're already buying. Okay, so let's get started.


There are countless reasons that I personally hear for not eating healthy foods. It was a hectic day at work. There's no time to shop at the supermarket. I'm not sure how to even cook healthy meals. I can't afford healthy options. Okay, I understand that these are real concerns. But a couple tweaks I'm going to tell you about today and understanding that you can have healthy food for a good price is going to revolutionize everything for you. I want you to get this from today. Healthy food is not more expensive. Most of the time, it's actually the cheapest option. So the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this isn't even me. All right, these are people smarter than me. They did a test or a survey to see if you had a budget. Which food would be more expensive? And in the study, vegetables like carrots, canned things like pinto beans. I know that pinto beans are not going to be on any of our meal plans, but just talking about the study. Okay, these were actually less expensive per portion than things like ice cream and sweet rolls.


So foods that are high in protein, saturated fats, added sugars, sodium, you know, the stuff, the yummy things that you grab, right? These all clocked in as being more expensive than vegetables and lean meats. So the myth about eating healthier food, being more expensive is totally wrong. It's actually really good news, right? If you've been saying these same things, I know I did the same thing. I made the same excuses. 


There is no better time than right now to explore healthier options at your store. But I can hear you. You're saying, I don't have time to go to the store. You're like I am. You have three kids. You work. You have your own coaching practice. You have your side hustle. You have whatever. You don't have time to go to the store. Order groceries. This has been the biggest thing for us. We're on a budget. We're very careful with what we spend with our money. And so, but I, in this area, we have something called instant cart. Now it's not available everywhere. It's called shipped in other places, lots of different services. But basically they deliver groceries to you. Now, before we were able to do this, because that one does cost, before we're able to do this, we actually used Walmart pickup. Now lots of grocery stores now, this is very common, to do grocery pickup. And so this is the way partly that I started saving money on groceries. One, I'm putting it all into the system. I can see on the screen, it's going to be this amount of money with tax, et cetera. 


If I'm at the store and I have a little crumb droppers with me, they're throwing things in the cart, right? I get to the check out and they're like, oh, it's X amount of money. And I'm like, what? Right. But I'm way too embarrassed. I don't know if you're like me. I'm like, okay, I'll just swipe my card and figure out what, you know, where I went wrong later. If you're putting it in your cart online - one, nobody sees it so they don't care if you, you know, delete something out of your cart or add it. Two, you're able to know exactly how much you're spending. So you can make changes in your budget or in what you're buying to make a difference. Even if you can't get it delivered, a lot of places do free pickup. 


So let's talk about a couple other tips that I have. One is budget for meat and fish. Lean meats and fish are always going to be your biggest cost in your cart. If you're buying health food, look for sales and stock up and freeze it for later use. Also factor in that a lot of meat-free meals, like meat-free nights. So we do meat-free Mondays, that would be a really good option since you're not having to meet every single day or fish every single day. That'll help you with the budget. 


The second thing is to buy fresh, local and seasonal. This is big. I didn't understand. I mean, I knew that like different vegetables and fruits and stuff grew in different times. So like, I didn't really look into it. I'll be honest. And then when I started noticing, I'm like, why are strawberries like $6? What is happening? And then other times it was like $2.50. I was like, oh, okay. I get it now. So buying in season, it’s going to ensure that you get the lowest price. There's tons of things online. Just do a Google search for what is in season per month in your area, and that will give you information. 


Also, another thing, this is my last tip for you is to buy frozen or canned foods, if you can. Fresh is best. I'm not debating that. I'm just being real with you and saying a lot of times we buy frozen vegetables. I get them from Costco because it's a larger amount. My family eats a lot of food. I've got a lot of boys over here, but the frozen vegetables last longer for us. So we don't do as much canned stuff. It's mainly fresh frozen stuff. Even if we're doing like smoothies and things like that, it's just easier for us. And it's a lot more economical because if I buy a spinach for a salad and I ended up not being in the mood for salad during the week, that lettuce and that spinach and all of that is going to go and be wasted. But if I have like, frozen spinach, let's just say in the freezer. I can take that break some off and put it in a smoothie and it tastes the same. All right. Also stews, soups, things like that. All of that works for fresh or frozen. 


All right. So leave your excuses behind, make your own healthy meals at home. You have a lot of really amazing recipes that are part of this membership for you. We've done the work. We've got the shopping list. Take that shopping list. Find a place local to you that has good prices. Put it in your cart, order it online and do a free pickup. All right, guys, these tips are for you. Let me know which tip you're using, which one that you love. I'll see you in the Facebook group. Bye.