Eating with Intention (PART 4)

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Hey, welcome back everybody to the bonus video. This is Week Number 4, so this will conclude the Eating With Intention series that I have done.


Today, I want to talk to you about slowing down and being intentional with your actual food choices and how you eat. So while making healthy food choices is important, incredibly important, making it a priority to be mindful of the state that you're in each time is also very important.


So eating with sadness or eating with anxiety, it's going to have a completely different impact on your digestion and your nourishment than if you're eating a meal with gratitude and love. So instead of diving in, take some time to appreciate the meal that you have. I want you to think about it. Maybe you are going out to eat with friends, friends you haven't seen in a very long time. You enjoy your time. You eat whatever it is that you want to eat. You're having fun. You're laughing. You're enjoying it. And it's like, man, I ate, I don't know, I'm making this up, chips and salsa. And I didn't even feel sick or feel X, Y, Z. 


But then like you eat that same exact meal that you got at the restaurant at home while you're working on a project with your kids, or maybe you have a big work project for work, or maybe you're just stressed out or just tired. And like, you don't feel very well after that. The food wasn't necessarily the thing. Food does play a part. Don't misunderstand me, but it wasn't necessarily the food this time. It was that your eating is different. Your intention is different. All right. 


So I want you to pause when you eat. Enjoy the smell of the food. Look at the aesthetics of the food. Imagine the farmer who grew all the beautiful, vibrant vegetables for you to eat. Right? Give gratitude for your meal. Enjoying your meal at this deeper level will help you to create a rich spiritual experience between you and your food. You thought it was just food, didn't you? You didn't realize this could be an experience. Allow the food to nourish you. Enjoy the process. At times we all make choices with our meals that we're not proud of, but it is crucial for you to forgive yourself and to move on.


It's time to ditch the mindset that it doesn't serve you anymore, that's the old mindset, that's the old you. You're four weeks into this now, and you understand how to eat on purpose, right? To help with making these kinds of choices, ask yourself before each meal that you've prepared, how is this going to serve you to reach your goal for optimal health? How is it going to help you? Making these tips into habits will truly transform your eating experience and your relationship with food. 


So let's talk about gratitude real quick. A wonderful way to have your mind regularly focused on gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal, that's one of my favorite things to do. Begin this practice with the journal and see how things begin to change. The act of forgiveness is very powerful. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself for any unhelpful feelings, habits, or thoughts that have been holding you back from your greatest potential. I want you to be true. I want you to be honest. And most importantly, I want you to let go and allow yourself to be moved forward into greatness because that is exactly what you deserve. 


This has been a really fun series together. I'll meet with you again next week. I can't wait to share this new information with you. I'll see you again. Bye. Have a great week.