Grow Your Own ‘Immunity Garden’

Posted by Mike Miryala on


Today, I am talking about something that’s near and dear to my heart... and that is about gardening. Not just any kind of gardening but Immunity Gardening. So supplements are very important of course but equally important is having a diet that is rich in whole foods and fresh herbs. We all know that sometimes the quality of soil is not gonna be what it needs to be. We may not be getting in all the nutrients that we think we’re getting from foods. So, growing your own food is a great way to know exactly what is going in it, what is not going on it like pesticides and things like that. You can actually grow a lot of stuff at home. I had no idea until I started to research what is possible and it’s pretty crazy what we can do. 

We’ve actually started a garden. We got really super crazy and also bought chickens, but that’s a whole another story. The cool thing about it is that it’s a lot of stuff that we would typically buy at the store anyways. So, we planted peppers. We have red, orange, and green peppers. And then onions, celery, tomatoes. And then I have a blackberry and a blueberry tree. Growing your own food, we know exactly what’s going in it. We know exactly what we are gonna get out of it. And all around, it’s just a really good idea. It is actually easier than what I thought. 

What type of foods should you grow? When you go to the store, there’s a ton of options, right? So, what would be the best Immunity Boosting Foods that you could grow at home? I’m gonna give you a real quick list, so go ahead and grab that pen and paper and write these down. 

So the first one I’m gonna be talking about is the Blueberries. I love blueberries. They are great for anti-oxidants, right? A nutritional powerhouse. The plant compounds will regulate and it also improve immune function. Very good. Tiny little berry, perfect in shakes. I love them frozen. 

Strawberries, another great staple. It can improve your heart health, also lower blood sugar. It’s a lower glycemic fruit so that’s why we can include it on things like Keto. 

Citrus fruits, these are really fun to grow. You have Grapefruit, Oranges, Clementine, Tangerines, Lemons and Lime. All those are high in Vitamin C, not to mention, delicious. Really good for juicing, if you’re going to be doing that. 

Cabbage. Cabbage is gonna kill bacteria and viruses. It inhibits cancer and tumor growth. It also controls hormone levels and  it improves blood flow.

Carrots. This is another option. This one’s really fun. Actually, we went to purchase some of the plants. What we are gonna do and our kids got to see the garden that this lady had. And she had some carrots that were growing and my boys thought it was really cool to go over there and pull that carrot off the ground, dust it off, and be able to see that food is actually growing off the ground and not from the grocery store. So that was a pretty cool field trip that we took. 

Next is Bell Peppers. They have 3 times as much Vitamin C as a Florida Orange. Also, Beta Carotene which converts to Vitamin A, making your skin, and your hair, and eyes and everything better. 

Also, Sage. Research shows that Sage increases antibodies. It would help to protect against viral infections. 

Peppermint. Besides, the fact that it smells amazing, it has immune boosting properties in it which are really really good for you. 

Parsley. This has been studied as 1 of the 7 most potent disease fighting spices in the world. Pretty Cool. It’s also good to reduce the effects of allergies and inflammation and boosting immunity again, right? That’s why we are making this immunity garden. We are not doing it just to be pretty and to grow foods in our yard. Not only does it saves money of course, but we do want this for our families, for our own immunity, for our own bodies. 

I have 2 more that I want to talk about and it’s Oregano, the Mediterranean herb that’s been used for centuries to fight infections. Reduce the effects of respiratory issues. Also, protecting your intestinal barrier, which is an important part of the immune system. If you remember on one of the previous bonus videos, I talked about playing Red Rover and how your gut lining needs to be nice and tight. So, Oregano is gonna help with protecting that intestinal barrier.

Also, Garlic, which is the last one, is known for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties and it tastes good, right?  Garlic is also good for reducing the severity and length of colds. Plus, it is super easy to grow and it takes very little space. So that is something you want to think about when you are making your garden. You get a look at your yard and see how much area that you have, and make sure that you have enough room to plant different things cause you do have to space them. Which we found that Watermelon needs a ton of space, so we weren’t able to do Watermelon living in our neighbourhood. So, make sure that you are grabbing the ones out of this list that you would use the most or that you would need the most. And make sure that you have enough space to be able to plant them for them to grow all the way.