SPICE Up Your Life

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Today, I'm going to help you to spice things up. Yes, today's topic is about spices.


Spices are not only delicious, but a lot of them have really, really good things in them. Helpful properties, things that you would want to put into your body. And that is what we're all about here is helping your body to be as healthy as possible. And also your mindset, right? So let's talk about the spices and herbs that I suggest that you add to your meals.


So the first one is ginseng. Ginseng is one of the best herbs that you can have to help you with burning fat. That's what we want to do, right? It burns fat by naturally speeding up your metabolism and helping you to boost your energy levels. Don't we all need that? When your metabolism gets a nice boost, you're able to burn fat and calories at a more rapid pace. Plus, the extra energy makes you more motivated to exercise. I did find this for me when I started to really like dial in on my nutrition.

I wanted to exercise, which is definitely not something that happened in the past. Also, it's going to help to increase the amount of fat that you do burn. You can get ginseng extract or get supplements that are really easy to take so you don't have to add them to your meals. But it's a great option if you can just do it all in one right. 


The second one is one of my favorites and it's cinnamon. Who doesn't love cinnamon? Luckily, it's not only delicious, but it's actually really, really good for you. I personally like to sprinkle a little bit on my coffee. It just helps with that blood sugar spike. It's just good. Cinnamon helps with lowering blood sugar and can also help with cholesterol levels. Also, it has a lot more nutrients than you may imagine, and it'll help you to boost your metabolism. So if you want to just add just a little bit of flavor, you can put it in your coffee. Like I said, you can also put it in your smoothie so you can make a delicious smoothie, tastes like dessert. If you are consuming apples, if that's part of your meal plan, sprinkle a little bit on apples, all of that. So good. All right. 


The next one is mustard. Yes. Mustard is good for you. The spice is often used on fattening foods like hot dogs and stuff like that, but it doesn't have to be. You can add mustard spice or mustard seeds to a lot of different foods and side dishes that are not bad for you. You might want to do like an open face sandwich or a sandwich with lettuce, you know, remaining leaves on it. You could put lean meats, vegetables, stuff like that. Put a little bit of mustard on it. So good. Also you could dip your vegetables in mustard. You don't have to have a bunch of fattening dressing and stuff like that to dip your carrots or your celery or whatever it is that you're doing. You can do it in mustard too. Okay. You'd be amazed how good this actually is. 


And the last one I'm gonna talk to you about now, it doesn't come as a surprise. I'm sure, but it's turmeric. Turmeric is very popular as a spice. It tastes good and it's extremely healthy. It's also a super food, right? Super food, turmeric, provides loads of nutrients and it helps you just with your health overall, but it also helps to burn fat, improve your weight loss efforts. It tastes a little bit like curry. So if you like a kick to your vegetables, to your meals, to your soups, all that stuff, turmeric is going to be what you want. Just sprinkle a little bit on there. There's so many, so many easy ways to use these spices. 


So I'm curious, what spice did I leave out? If you have a spice that you're like, oh man, I cannot believe she didn't talk about this spice on today's episode. Let me know. Send me a quick email. Tell me which spice you think should have been added to this list. Stay healthy. I'm going to see you again next week with another bonus video. Stay well. Bye-bye.