Why Your Messy House Is Keeping You Stuck in Everything

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Welcome back everybody, it is Becky Williams. So happy to see you here for another week. And today we have a really interesting topic. I'm sure by the title you're probably like, what in the world is Becky talking about today? So let me go ahead and dive in. Today we're talking about Decluttering.

All right, I know everybody's like, ah, cringe! Or some of the type A personalities are like, yes, let's do it, goals, right? All right, so I know that it seems kind of odd that I'm gonna be talking about your house and cleanliness. As a health and wellness coach, but just hang in there. Promise that there's a point at the end, okay. 


Did you know actually that having clutter in your life, it does affect you emotionally? I know it does for me. It affects me energetically. When my house is messy, just the whole overall like frequency of our house is down, even with my kids. And then also physically. The theory behind the exercise that I'm gonna be walking you through at the end of the video is that when you can clear out the old things, you're able to bring in the new.

All right, so think about this, not just on a physical level of like, if I throw out my pair of shoes, then I can go and buy new ones. Think about this on an energy level. Think about this on a emotional level as well. All right, so today I'm gonna be going through 3 crucial areas of your life.


Studies are showing that when there's clutter, when you're in clutter, right? So like in your home, in your car, whatever, your mind is often cluttered. Like I said in previous videos, the way that you do one thing is the way that you do everything. And I used to not think that that was true. I was like, that's just a bunch of like, hooey-dooey stuff, you know? I'm not all out there and crazy, you know, with all these thinkings and out there thinking like that too. But I've really noticed when I'm paying attention and I'm being focused and I'm being intentional that a lot of these things are true and that it's not a weird thing. It's just the way that the world's created. It's the way that the world interacts. It's just, everything's connected and it really is a beautiful thing. And I do think that there's a good intention for it.


I had somebody tell me one time that they're like, if you ever look at somebody's car, then you can just tell, what's going on with that person. If they have it together or if they're just a hot mess. And I was like, oh, all right. Okay, that's a fun story, yeah. But what I realized, this is true. It actually is true. So I have three kids, as you know. My oldest is nine. He just had a birthday. So I have three kids who love to eat in the van. All right? So I noticed one week, it was a hard week. It was just, it was summertime and it was hot. The kids were like in and out of the mud. We had like back to back things to do with family and going to the park and all kinds of stuff. And while those are all good things, like everything was just smothering. It was busy. It was nonstop. It was cluttered, okay? It was my schedule that was cluttered at this point. 

But I noticed like the van, there was just like garbage everywhere. There was crumbs, there was juice boxes, there were papers and water bottles. It was just, it was a lot, okay? The van was a mess. Then on other weeks where my husband and I were like, you know what? We really need to slow this roll right now because we're going crazy. Our kids are going crazy. Our schedule is ridiculous. We need to be intentional with what we say yes to. Just for this week, let's just slow down and let us rest and reset.

And you know what? That week my vehicle looked great. We still went places, so it's not, you know, I hear you, I hear you. You think I'm saying that we didn't go places and so the van was clean. We still went places. We still had fun. We still bonded as a family. But there wasn't, you know, fruit snacks and juice boxes and crumbs and garbage and stuff just in the van. All right, so my mental state correlated with my schedule. My brain was clear. My schedule was clear. My surroundings were clear. I hope that makes sense to you.  And go ahead, if you think it's not true, you try it out in your life and let me know. All right, so enough about me and my crazy stories.


I wanna dive deep into these 3 areas that I really feel like are important and I kinda gave you a hint already. All right, the first one is the most obvious one that we think of, clutter. When I say clutter, you're gonna think your environment. That's just natural. All right, so in your environment, here are some things that you can do to clear the clutter in your environment. One, clear off your desk of piles of paper, receipts, bills, things that need to be filed, okay? When you have a filing system where everything is in one file, you need to change it up. And I'm speaking to myself. All right, removing piles of magazines, papers, projects from your office or closet floor or bedroom floor or bathroom, wherever it is, okay? Get it up, these piles of things that have now become permanent residents in your house that do not belong there. Remove piles of stuff from your bookshelves. Make sure that your books, your photos, your knick knacks, everything is neat and arranged attractively.

When you pass by it, I'm not trying to go all Marie Kondo on you, but when you pass by it, does it spark joy? Or are you like, ah, I've gotta get rid of this stuff. I've gotta work on this area. It's such an eyesore, okay? Or if you have family or friends saying, hey, we're 15 minutes out, can we come see the kids? And you're like, oh my heavens, what in the world? I've got stuff everywhere, okay? If you have areas like that that you just know, okay, somebody's on their way to come see me, I've got 15 minutes, and you're trying to stuff all that garbage into the closet, that's an area that needs to be worked on. It's a hot zone, that's what we call it in our house. All right, so cleaning out your inbox of clutter and messages that are older than two weeks or, and or, unsubscribing from at least 5 newsletters that you don't ever have time to read.


So I'll be honest with you, what I used to do is just make a whole new email because I would get like thousands and thousands of emails, and I was, oh, it's gonna take forever. What if there's something important in there, so I'm not gonna delete them, and I'm not gonna unsubscribe. Don't do that, don't be like me. Don't make a new email, just fix the one that you have, okay? If you're nervous about emails being lost, something that's important to you, then just archive it, instead of deleting it. Archive it, and then it's always gonna be there. 


All right, so for your homework, there's homework this week, surprise. For your homework, I want you to pick whichever one of these sounds the easiest and write it down. Go back and stop the video, start over, do whatever you need to do. Go back through that list that I just told you about and pick one that sounds the easiest. All right, clutter, clearing.

Area number 2. Spend time daily with people who think big and take consistent action. Right? If people around you speak negatively, ask them, ask them not to speak negatively in your presence. I've had to do this, being in a circle of friends. Oh, did you hear what so-and-so-and-so did blah-blah-blah? And I'll say, you know, let's just not talk about that right now. I really don't wanna speak badly about them. I don't know the whole story, I only know our side. Okay, you have the power to decide what comes in your presence, to decide what your ears hear, okay? You have that, and it's not rude to redirect. 


Seek out and make a new friend of someone who is in a higher income bracket. Money mindset, ding-ding-ding, go back and watch it if you forgot. Seek out somebody who has a higher income bracket than you so you're inspired to lead to the next level of success. Think of somebody who drives you nuts. Ask yourself, what do I need to help me feel happy, relaxed, and fulfilled? So if it's a spouse where you can't get away from them, what do you need right now to help you feel happy, relaxed, and fulfilled? For homework on zone number 2, I want you to pick the one that sounds the hardest and write it down. 

Area number 3, this is the last one. Clear the clutter, and area 3, which is money. We've talked about money the past two weeks, about uncovering the transformation with money legacy. If you haven't listened to those and need a refresher, please go back, there's a lot of great info there. Even if you've already listened to it, go listen to it again. Because the second time, you're coming from a different mindset. You're coming from a higher level. So each time that you listen to it, it's going to uncover more things for you each time. 

All right, here are some things that you can do for uncovering and decluttering in this area. Bring all money owed to you up to date. So if somebody owes you money, reach out to them. Remind them about it. They may have forgotten, okay? Use gift cards. This is a big one. A lot of times we use gift cards, put them in our wallets. Christmas, birthday, whatever, forget about it. Use your gift cards. Gather loose money. Send your kids in that living room and have them dig in that couch to find spare money. Stick it all in a jar and see how much y'all can save and can find. Save it for a vacation. Save it for whatever, for a night out, for some frozen yogurt, whatever you want to do, okay?


Enlighten your wallet. Take out cards that you don't use. Take out old receipts that you don't need. File them away with your paper clutter because you now have a system for paper clutter, right? Your assignment or your homework for this is to circle one that sounds the hardest and circle one that sounds the easiest. You've had the most training in the past couple weeks about money, so you get to do two on your money. All right, so pick one that sounds the hardest, pick one that sounds the easiest. 


All right, great, so the reason I went over these top 3 areas is that I believe with all of my heart, if you're struggling in one area, that it's going to have to do with the other areas of your life too. Everything is connected, okay? I'm challenging you this week. I want you to take these action items that you circled in today's video. I want you to work on these items. I'd love to also know how your day has shifted since when you started putting these decluttering practices into place. See you later, bye.