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Of course, I'm happy that you're here. Today, I'm going to be talking about Hair Loss in Keto. I know you've probably heard it. Some people say that they've lost hair on keto and you're like, what? Or maybe it's happened to you. 


So have you ever heard of anybody that lost hair on keto? I know I have, especially in different emails and groups and things like that. People are literally concerned about it. And I know that it's crazy and it can be a real thing. It doesn't happen to everybody, but I don't want you to worry about it. I'm here to help you. 


So there are a couple of reasons why you might lose your hair when you start keto. One big thing is Stress. If you are under a lot of stress, doing rigorous workouts, forcing yourself to intermittent fast when it doesn't feel natural, your body could be freaking out. All of these things are stressors on your body. Plus like regular stress, right? But all that combined, can really, truly be an unhealthy combination for you. There's also other reasons why this might happen. So I want to just name a couple of them for you so that you can pinpoint if this is happening to you, maybe why and what we can do about it. 


So the first thing is that you've switched to a low carb eating plan. This usually happens within the first 3 months. The solution to this is to be patient, support your diet with biotin or collagen, make your hair stronger and consume bone broth. All of those are really good things to help you if you're in that first 3-month window of starting low carb or keto. 


The second thing that it could be is a health imbalance. So you may just be suffering with this until you find that balance in your health. The solution, talk to your doctor. We are not doctors here with Sprightly Soul, okay. Talk to your doctor, get blood work done. Take a look at your carb intake. Are you too low carb? All right. It's possible that you're too low carb for your body. We can give you suggestions with our meal plans, but it's up to you to take those and make them work for you.


The (third) thing is physiological stress, right? You can de-stress. You could use essential oils. I've talked to that before. You could use adaptogenic herbs. You can use meditation, prayer, deep breathing, yoga. All of these are really, really good to quiet that noise that you're feeling. 


The fourth thing could be nutrient deficiencies, right? The solution is to follow a guided meal plan like the one that we have so that you aren't missing out on keto nutrients. Now, the nutrients that we have in our eating plan are balanced, but this is the problem with other keto meal plans because they just have a whole bunch of fat. They don't pay attention to the vegetables and they're not caring so much, not everybody, but they're not caring so much about those micronutrients, which are super, super important, But you're in luck because our meal plans are going to give you that, okay. 


Another thing you could do is ask your doctor for a nutritional panel. You could take adaptogenic herbs. You could eat enough fat during your day to feel nourished, right? Stop intermittent fasting just for a short while until your body can catch up. Make sure that you're also eating enough protein. So what I like to tell my clients is to make sure that you're getting protein in as your main goal. Then you're going to use carbs to keep it, that is a limit about 25 to 30 maximum and then use your fat as a lever. So for women, I like to see at least 30 grams of fat per day. So don't dip under that. Okay, if you're on a day where you're not really that hungry, don't dip under that because we need that for our hormones and for all the things to work. Okay, but don't put fat bombs and extra oils and lots of things into your eating plan just to get your macro up to the fat amount that your app tells you. So don't force feed fat is what I'm trying to say.


So and also stopping intermittent fasting for a short time. The reason I say that although intermittent fasting is an amazing tool, it can add extra stress to your body, especially if you are like trying to start keto, and then you're trying to intermittent fast and you're adding an exercise. You've changed too many things at once and your body is not going to be able to adapt as quickly. 


The next thing number five, I just touched on this a little bit, but it's strenuous exercise. So you're either working out too much or too hard until you can do something about this. It's not going to help you. All right. Exercise is a great tool, just like intermittent fasting is a great tool. But if you are using it when you're under a lot of stress, you're under eating, you don't have the nutrients in your body that you need. You've changed a whole bunch of things all at once. All of this together can actually create havoc for you and have that hair loss that you are seeing. 


Okay, here's a solution for you for the strenuous exercise. Reduce the intensity or the frequency of your workouts. Make sure that you're not calorie restricting and doing a very intense workout. So that would be like eating one meal a day, but not getting in your macros, not getting in your full calories for the day, and then working out 5 to 6 times a week for an hour at a time. Okay, do you see how that's a problem? So if you are also under a lot of stress, working out super hard, unless that helps to reduce your stress, like for my husband, it does. For me, I need like 30 minute pockets of work, and I need rest days. You can try yoga, scattering yoga, a couple of those days, couple of those days, instead of doing an actual intense workout, try walking, right? Try to create space between these things. 


The very last thing that could be causing your hair to fall out is calorie restriction. All right, so eat until you're satisfied. This is what I always saw. Talk about eat until you're satisfied, but not stuck. That's about 70% full. Please don't force yourself to intermittent fast. And remember, when you don't eat enough calories, your body's actually going to hold on to weight. So if you're noticing that scales not budging, your tape measure is not showing any inches lost. You don't have that energy that everybody's talking about. You're hungry all the time. One of these things may be the culprit. 


So I hope that this helped you run down. And even if you're just doing one thing, and you're noticing hair loss, change one thing from this list and see if it helps you to be able to keep your hair, right? Nobody wants the hair to fall out. All right, I'll see you again next week for another bonus video. I'll see you next week, guys. Bye.