Learn How A Holistic Diet Can Complement Prescribed Medicine and eventually Prevent Disease

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Vitamin K is a coagulation factor. That’s what I know. And she should tell us in a broader perspective if it’s not medical. Let’s say, as a pharmacist I see Vitamin K shots but it’s all in all Vitamin K. They’re using it as a coagulation factor for some of the disorders that people have with coagulation.


Q: What is coagulation in lay man’s terms?


Mike: Blood clotting disorders, in other words.


Q: Oh yeah, so if you have clotting disorders


Mike: That’s highly concentrated Vitamin K tablets, we judge from experience. We see it with a little practice. But probably, she should help us understand what is Vitamin K in terms of holistic, from food, from their drink, probably she should have a better idea.


Sam: Well, I would say for Vitamin K, as you already said it’s specific use or the importance of it is for blood clotting and so in day to day life, as what could like lead to blood clotting is having really high fatty foods. Because there’s two different versions of fats, there’s healthy fats and unhealthy fats, so having unhealthy fats which are saturated fats, which you could find in a cheese steak. But it’s okay to eat everything. That’s the importance of the whole holistic diet in general is you can have an “unhealthier meal” every once in a while. But it’s integrating whole foods and different varieties. So if you’re having saturated fats, you also want to make sure you’re having unsaturated fats. So then you’re gonna get vitamins, like Vitamin K, which are then going to help neutralize those saturated fats that you’re consuming. And so then if you’re not and you continue to eat an unhealthy diet, then that’s when you start to see your arteries start to not function as well and going a very like extreme, that leads to a heart attack, for example.


Mike: Essentially, people who are elderly, like 65. Not even 65, I mean some people that you mentioned have blood pressure, you know blood sugar. Usually BP and diabetes, they are combination where it can affect kidney, it can affect heart. Both two organs are at stake and also the circulation.


Usually, what happens is a lot of these patients, they take blood thinners like Xarelto, Pradaxa, Eliquis. Some extreme cases, some people who are already advancing, deteriorating functions of kidney or some people they are candidates for a transplant, so they’re on some kind of injectable blood thinners. So, we always get a question what to eat with it, what not to eat with it. So, now the point of Vitamin K here in the picture, so kale, cabbage and some types of collard greens, lettuce, we tell them to avoid it when taking this type of medications, especially blood thinners.


So what happens, let’s say these factors go in and the dosage of what the doctor prescribes becomes a little bit, let’s say if somebody is getting 5 mg of some medication and you eat it constantly with kale, that becomes 10 mg and that leads to side effects of that medication.


So in other words, let’s say somebody has a… These drugs are, like they make only 5, 10, 15, 20 mg example, I’m just throwing an example, if somebody needs 1 mg of 1 medication, it’s not available, doctor will wait til you delve declination to go to 5 mg, and then he prescribes. So the damage is already done. To Sam’s point, if somebody realizes hey… especially patients when they go to the doctor they discuss, hey you need this vitamin to supplement it, these things right. So apart from what they eat, you cannot eat the foods which have Vitamin K on a daily basis right. You need to supplement it somehow… some of the prescription pills. So if somebody needs 1 mg, they need to understand, hey I need to supplement it with food so that I don’t go escalate myself to the point where I have to take 5 mg of the pills.


Same: Right, exactly.


Mike: So, that’s where your holistic medicine comes in.


Sam: Yeah.


Mike: So that’s why people need to understand how these things work around medication as a whole to keep themselves healthy, and active and overall well-being.


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